Three Ways to Make Sex More Desirable With Your Partner

Are you tired of believing that you can’t communicate about sex?   Wondering when the “stalemate” with your partner will get resolved?  Interested in going beyond having to beg for sex in your intimate relationship? In relationship counseling, you can learn healthy ways to communicate about sex, so the ultra-clear “stony silence”, raging anger, or indifference,… Read More »

Who’s In Charge of Your Sexual Satisfaction?

Sometimes there are hardships in intimate relationships.  These hardships often show up as: -Lack of desire in your sex life. -Wishing your partner would do just the right thing to satisfy you. -Feeling sad when the sex isn’t what you expected. -Believing that your sex drive ‘stops’ after 40. -The same old “boring sex”. If… Read More »

How Couples Can Reclaim Sexual Intimacy in Their Relationship

Are you having “dashed expectations”, disappointments, and discouragements in your intimate relationship? Would you be interested to find out that normal relationship blind spots causes couples to end up with too much distance, tension, and lack of desire for sex?  Through couples counseling, it is possible to move through, understand, and grow in to whole-hearted… Read More »

Three Ways to Have More Fun in Your Intimate Relationship

Do you want to compete less with your partner?  Enjoy the natural flow and connection in your relationship? Tired of  having too many duties and obligations in your relationship?   These are normal intimacy problems that appear for all of us, and here are three tips to have more fun.    First, try and drop… Read More »

Do You Want to Get Through Super-Quick Anger for Better Sex?

Robin and Jeff (not their real names) argued for the majority of their last two years together.  Robin wanted more connection, felt alone in the relationship, and wanted sex to be gentle.  Jeff  had always been logical and direct in what he wanted in the world, and in the bedroom. When  Jeff expressed what he… Read More »