Three Ways to Have More Fun in Your Intimate Relationship

Do you want to compete less with your partner?  Enjoy the natural flow and connection in your relationship? Tired of  having too many duties and obligations in your relationship?   These are normal intimacy problems that appear for all of us, and here are three tips to have more fun.    First, try and drop WINNING in the relationship so much, and see your partner for all their uniqueness!  You can’t lose if you’re not trying to best them in your life together, and remembering who they uniquely are can improve your sexual intimacy since there can be less competition.

Secondly, look for what makes THEM happy and see if the intimacy and connection doesn’t flow between you when you do.  The important part here is to practice doing this without giving up who you are.    Isn’t their face lighting up in delight worth it?   Thirdly, you can have more fun in your intimate relationship if you learn to talk about your duties and obligations in safe ways.   Part of what couples counseling is about is learning to drop habits that are not useful.   So many couples have learned to enjoy each other and have more intimate fun by getting out of habits that feel like work!


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