What is Love? Falling in Love With Love Through Couples Counseling

What are the ways to fall in love and stay in love? Couples counseling can help two people enjoy a healthy relationship. Start today with these ten direct and established things you can do now, or this week, to improve the dynamics of your intimate relationship. Isn’t it time you started feeling passionate about your… Read More »

Reflective Listening and Fair Fighting in Marriage Counseling for Improved Communication

Do you find yourself fighting all the time, or avoiding subjects with your partner that could cause conflict? What about not saying anything because the subject is too emotional? These common issues can be solved through reflective listening: a way to hear, understand, and empathize with each other. Tips for Reflective Listening and Fair Fighting… Read More »

Relationship Counseling: How to Go From Passionate to Compassionate Love, and Beyond to Novelty and Surprise.

Don’t we all remember the passion in the first couple years of our relationship? Why did it change? Marital counseling can help unlock the mysteries of how intimate relationship changes and grows over time, so you can appreciate the growth from super-hot sex in the beginning, to a deeper happiness, with more surprises and twists.… Read More »

Baby Boomer Intimacy and Marital Therapy: Three Tips for Loving Well and Preventing Divorce for Seniors.

Senior sex can be a wonderful way to promote health and have a deep emotional experience. Baby boomer intimacy can also present its challenges, which can feel insurmountable. Try to keep an open mind, to better understand the three tips below for loving well, improving intimacy, and preventing divorce. Tip One: Enjoy the purpose of… Read More »

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Relationship Counseling: Four Self-Help Tips For Calming Yourself When Intimacy is Affected.

Have you ever felt anxious because of relationship issues, to the point where you might sweat or tremble? What if your partner is not around to calm you down? Have you noticed other times when you felt detached from your surroundings, a choking sensation, or faint? In the first example you may have been experiencing… Read More »