Marriage Counseling: Go Beyond Codependency and Low Self-Esteem for Increased Sexual Intimacy.

Depending on your partner too much? Lost your self in your relationship? Controlling or being controlled too much? These are common issues that walk in my office that need not reduce your desire for better sexual intimacy! From a normal marital “knot” of anger, fear of aloneness, over-reliance, and inadequacy, learn from marital counseling how… Read More »

Grief, Loss, and Tragedy: Three Tips for Marital Therapy to Work Through Death and Renew Intimacy.

The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado this summer hits home for all of us; grief, loss, and death can affect our life and our marriage relationship. We all go from shock, disbelief, anger, frustration, to feelings of “if only”, to normal feelings of depression. Then finally a relationship can get to a point of not blaming… Read More »

Counseling and Rehabilitation for the Treatment of Porn Addiction. Three Therapist Tips for Stress Relief, Self-Soothing, Anxiety Treatment, and Increased Sexual Intimacy – Without The Pictures, Movies, or Laptop.

What is porn addiction? What do you do with the urge to look at beautiful women? How do you act on that normal instinct? Are your actions satisfying to you or do you feel less pleasure, and more intimacy problems, as time goes on? What if you could learn how to fully release the tension… Read More »

Affair, Infidelity and Relationship Counseling: A Safe Place to Find What’s True for You, and Heal.

Haven’t we all heard of what happened to Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and David Letterman, among other men and women? How can one work through the pain of an affair, and understand what happened, with the help of a counselor? What is your truth about your relationship? Since 1992, I have… Read More »

Power Struggles: Save Your Marriage Through Couples Counseling

Are you fighting all the time? Does it seem like you’re in a debate over who’s right? Is your partner more of an adversary than a loving friend? Other signs are the “minimizer”, who hides behind the paper, clams up, and claims nothing is the matter. Or, the person who is the “maximizer”, one who… Read More »