Baby Boomer Intimacy and Marital Therapy: Three Tips for Loving Well and Preventing Divorce for Seniors.

Senior sex can be a wonderful way to promote health and have a deep emotional experience. Baby boomer intimacy can also present its challenges, which can feel insurmountable. Try to keep an open mind, to better understand the three tips below for loving well, improving intimacy, and preventing divorce.
no calmness, reflective listening, or self-charging for better sexual intimacy
Tip One: Enjoy the purpose of sex later in life!
Children and career aren’t around as much later in life. Intimate and personal relationships can take on greater importance, and sex can be a wonderful way to connect, as it has the power to:
– Increase your mental and physical health. Sex can release pleasurable endorphins, burn fat, and reduce anxiety.
– Help you live longer. Good sex can add years to your life.
– Go deeper in relationship. Good baby boomer or senior sex allows you to express deep love for your partner.
-Escape in a healthy way. Senior sex has a way of limiting how difficult reality can be at times, with good side effects too!

Tip Two: Communicate with your partner for improved senior sex!
It’s difficult for many to talk openly about sex, and when you improve communication about sex, you both can feel closer and bring about more pleasure when sexual. Talking about sex gets easier once you begin, and for many, they start feeling sexy just talking about it. When talking, try these tips:
Play! What about non-barbed teasing, humor, and even gentle tickling?
Be truthful. Let your partner in on how your are feeling and what you want from your sex life.
Bring up new ideas. Many clients find their senior years can have more creativity and passion since there’s fewer things happening.

Tip Three: Focus on what works for you with intimacy and physical touch.
There’s so much more to genuine intimacy and contact than just the kind of sex that happened when younger. Why not take your time by stretching afternoons and evenings in to quality time reading – erotic literature or poetry? Eating a healthy meal before sex, or giving each other a massage, can help you feel ready and relaxed. Many of the couples I’ve worked with have expanded their definition of intimacy to include fun breathwork for better sex, the basics of which can be learned in therapy. This can lead to a different kind of foreplay, for more fun together. Try sexual positions that are both comfortable, pleasurable, and don’t forget how useful lubrication can be.

Many baby boomers feel defeated about sex due to medical or emotional challenges. These issues don’t have to be permanent! You can learn how to restart your sex drive. Remember that when you commit to being healthy in a physical way you are maintaining your sex life. Think of sex as something that keeps you mentally and physically in shape! Communicate about sex in playful, honest ways, which can help you feel safe to try new things. Be genuine in your intimacy, which can expand your definitions of what kind of sex works for you.
happy retired couple dancing to enhance sexual intimacy

Jim Bowen MA LPC has been assisting individuals and couples since 1992, with offices in Boulder and Denver. Contact Jim with email or call him at 303-534-8717. Why not call for a free consultation?