Anxiety: Three Tips for a Deeper Relationship Through Marriage Counseling.

Are you suspicious about your partner being unfaithful, or loving someone else? Do you need a lot of reassurance that things are ok? Do you get impulsive and quickly jump to conclusions? You (and your partner if they do this too) may have some normal ANXIETY issues. Marriage counseling can help. Significance of anxiety Anxiety… Read More »

Learn How Marriage Counseling, Sexual Intimacy, and Communication Can Lead To Healthy Marriage Through the Enneagram

Would you like to understand your personality, and your partners’? The Enneagram teaches you about your habits of feeling and thinking. Remember, laugh at your self as you learn, since EVERYONE HAS A PERSONALITY! Don’t take all this too seriously. Use the Enneagram as a tool so that you can ACCEPT your self and your… Read More »

How to Use the Enneagram of Personality to Build Intimacy

What kind of attitudes, beliefs, and feelings are coming at you in intimacy?  Would you like to find out why you’ve been reacting so much in your intimate relationship?   Learn about yourself and others using a personality system that could change the way you respond to, and build intimacy with, your partner. I first… Read More »