Learn How Marriage Counseling, Sexual Intimacy, and Communication Can Lead To Healthy Marriage Through the Enneagram

Would you like to understand your personality, and your partners’? The Enneagram teaches you about your habits of feeling and thinking. Remember, laugh at your self as you learn, since EVERYONE HAS A PERSONALITY! Don’t take all this too seriously. Use the Enneagram as a tool so that you can ACCEPT your self and your partner more.

Here’s an introduction to the nine personality types or habits. One generally has a main habit, along with a “wing”. An example is a “striver” “3” person who has a helper “2” wing. Or, a peaceful “9”, with an organized “1” wing. Remember this map or system is so much more than a label and a number, that people are complex, unique, and special.


Enneagram FAQ: http://www.9points.com/faq.htm

Sites dedicated to the enneagram:


Testing sites, some that charge:


An introduction to the three instinctual subtypes follows. The site writes they have a free test too! http://www.enneagramworldwide.com/explore-the-enneagram/instinctual-subtypes/

The following is an excellent Instinctual Subtypes article. Are you more social, 1 to 1, or self-preservation oriented?

The enneagram is a way to GROW your sense of self beyond your personality’s belief system to more of a “present-centered” sense of self in the now, a bodily-felt sense of well-being that you are in charge of. Our ego or personality is based on the memory of past events or experiences, which is not a bad or wrong thing, it’s just a concept based on the past. Then our mind projects in to the future how we believe it’s supposed to be, which can lead to frustration with the way things are. The enneagram can give you a map to understand your frustrations and blind spots so you have more ease in your life. It can show you your blind spots so that understanding your self, improving the sexual intimacy, and deepening your communication in your relationship can all be achieved! Why not give your self some time to get to know who you are, and who you partner is, so your emotional intimacy can improve?

Why not further your understanding of your self and your partner through the Enneagram? Lose some old habits that you are probably tired of anyway, and with an accurate test you will know what they are! Become more presented-centered in your own identity: how you identify your self. Over time you can learn the personality of your partner too, which can help you be less reactive to THEIR habits.  It could be the beginning of a much deeper acceptance and understanding of yourself and your intimate relationship.

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