Three Tips: How to Get Out of Conflict, and Communicate for Better Sex.

Why is it we conflict the most with those we love?  Are you interested in moving beyond survival ‘fight or flight’, to an improved relationship? Relationship research shows us that as we get more familiar with our partner, their normal irritating quirks, blind spots, and normal self-centeredness cause a predictable “knot” of marital fighting.  We… Read More »

Marital Therapy: Three Communication Tips for Healthier Relationship: Kids, Family, and Fun!

Are you fighting about the kids all the time? Wish you could communicate better with your partner so you could have better sex? These communication tips can offer you tools to resolve your problems in ways that lead to more intimacy. Tip 1 Acknowledge how fighting is not working and agree to try something different.… Read More »

Reflective Listening and Fair Fighting in Marriage Counseling for Improved Communication

Do you find yourself fighting all the time, or avoiding subjects with your partner that could cause conflict? What about not saying anything because the subject is too emotional? These common issues can be solved through reflective listening: a way to hear, understand, and empathize with each other. Tips for Reflective Listening and Fair Fighting… Read More »

Power Struggles: Save Your Marriage Through Couples Counseling

Are you fighting all the time? Does it seem like you’re in a debate over who’s right? Is your partner more of an adversary than a loving friend? Other signs are the “minimizer”, who hides behind the paper, clams up, and claims nothing is the matter. Or, the person who is the “maximizer”, one who… Read More »

Learn How Marriage Counseling, Sexual Intimacy, and Communication Can Lead To Healthy Marriage Through the Enneagram

Would you like to understand your personality, and your partners’? The Enneagram teaches you about your habits of feeling and thinking. Remember, laugh at your self as you learn, since EVERYONE HAS A PERSONALITY! Don’t take all this too seriously. Use the Enneagram as a tool so that you can ACCEPT your self and your… Read More »