Building Stepfamily Intimacy: Three Ways A Blended Family Bonds

When I first married in to my blended family in 2001, I thought the transition would be fast for the children, time for my partner and I not an issue, and loving everyone in my family was supposed to happen naturally.  Was I ever wrong! Learn the stages of blended families!  One of the best… Read More »

Emotional Intimacy After Divorce: Three Ways Dealing With Intimacy Problems Can Help You Understand Love Again

Haven’t we all “lost it” and “fragmented” with relationship breakup or divorce?  Learn how to “put yourself back together” again.  The hurt, anger, rejection, and loss all can be felt in a safe and trusting way as you learn what love is.  This process teaches you how to fill your own cup over time, to… Read More »

Marriage Counseling for Burnout, So Building Intimacy Becomes Important and Fun Again!

Is your career asking too much of you and hurting your intimate relationship?  In our fast-paced, job-is-necessary culture, it’s easy for one’s career to take over major portions of your life. Through individual or couples counseling, you can learn what your limits are, and begin expressing those limits, without losing your job, family, or relationship… Read More »