Marriage Counseling for Burnout, So Building Intimacy Becomes Important and Fun Again!

Is your career asking too much of you and hurting your intimate relationship?  In our fast-paced, job-is-necessary culture, it’s easy for one’s career to take over major portions of your life. Through individual or couples counseling, you can learn what your limits are, and begin expressing those limits, without losing your job, family, or relationship intimacy!  These limits are called healthy relationship boundaries, and are necessary at work, in building intimacy with your partner, and for clarity with your family.

It’s so easy to take on too much responsibility at work, stress yourself out, and lose contact with your family and partner.   Learn how you can tell for yourself when you are over-extended.    I can teach you how to feel it in your body!    When you are too tired and burned out with the expectations and standards of others, give yourself an “energetic circle” around yourself, take a few deep breaths, and take stock!  When you learn from marriage counseling how to deal with a lack of limits, and how to set them in a positive way, your work life, family life, and sexual intimacy with your partner can improve.

Make building intimacy with your partner a focus of marriage counseling!  Ask your therapist how to bring fun back in to your relationship!   Begin by talking about what would seem like more fun for BOTH of you!   Then work out some days or times to make it happen.   Start small, and stay positive!  Keep focused on the aspects that are enjoyable to you and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Carving out personal time, family time, and “quality time” with your partner takes practice and commitment.  The upside is it leads to more fun in your life and more connection in your relationship.  Through couples counseling you can learn how to have better relationship boundaries, which can lead to increased intimacy, and less burnout.  Balancing out your work life with your intimate life can be adventurous and fun again.  You’ve got nothing to lose.


Jim Bowen MA LPC has been assisting individuals and couples since 1992, with offices in Boulder and Denver. Contact Jim with email or call him at 303-534-8717. Why not call for a free consultation?