Anxiety: Three Tips for a Deeper Relationship Through Marriage Counseling.

Are you suspicious about your partner being unfaithful, or loving someone else? Do you need a lot of reassurance that things are ok? Do you get impulsive and quickly jump to conclusions? You (and your partner if they do this too) may have some normal ANXIETY issues. Marriage counseling can help. Significance of anxiety Anxiety… Read More »

Grief, Loss, and Tragedy: Three Tips for Marital Therapy to Work Through Death and Renew Intimacy.

The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado this summer hits home for all of us; grief, loss, and death can affect our life and our marriage relationship. We all go from shock, disbelief, anger, frustration, to feelings of “if only”, to normal feelings of depression. Then finally a relationship can get to a point of not blaming… Read More »