Anxiety: Three Tips for a Deeper Relationship Through Marriage Counseling.

Are you suspicious about your partner being unfaithful, or loving someone else? Do you need a lot of reassurance that things are ok? Do you get impulsive and quickly jump to conclusions? You (and your partner if they do this too) may have some normal ANXIETY issues. Marriage counseling can help. Significance of anxiety Anxiety… Read More »

What is Love? Falling in Love With Love Through Couples Counseling

What are the ways to fall in love and stay in love? Couples counseling can help two people enjoy a healthy relationship. Start today with these ten direct and established things you can do now, or this week, to improve the dynamics of your intimate relationship. Isn’t it time you started feeling passionate about your… Read More »

Affair, Infidelity and Relationship Counseling: A Safe Place to Find What’s True for You, and Heal.

Haven’t we all heard of what happened to Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and David Letterman, among other men and women? How can one work through the pain of an affair, and understand what happened, with the help of a counselor? What is your truth about your relationship? Since 1992, I have… Read More »