Intimacy Problems: an Unhealthy Pie of Life? Find Your Balance Through Individual or Marital Therapy.

One of my passions is to set the tone, or lay a foundation, so individuals and couples can grow optimally according to what works best FOR YOU! The following eight slices in the pie of life is just that, a foundation for you to get a sense how your life and your relationship can find the optimal balance.

Business/Career Are you looking to make changes in your career or business life? Many are looking for ways to optimize their career, and consider additional education, switching jobs, and/or slowly adding a new venture for more meaning. Alternatively, do you want to work less, and spend more time enhancing meaning in your personal or intimate life?

Finances Individuals and couples have long noticed how financial trouble lessens sexual intimacy. Are you the kind of person or couple that could use budgeting skills, loan modifications, or saving strategies? We can discuss your concerns so your finances can work for you instead of dragging you down.

Health In your pie of life, how much do you pay attention to your health? You might think about how regular your check-ups are, how often you exercise, and nutritionally what kinds of food you eat. Couples are surprised to find out that eating healthier, and exercising, improves their emotional and sexual intimacy!

Family and Friends Spend time with your self, others, and your partner, so that everyone benefits. Safely we can observe what works best for your unique relationship needs, and adjust in ways both you and your partner can understand. Find that balance of connection at times and autonomy at times.

Romance/Sexual Intimacy Couples often want better sex with each other, yet don’t know how to go about it. Through couples counseling learn how to ground your body, increase your charge inside, and make the space for more “electric sex”. A tip: practice breathing together slowly and making good eye contact – in bed!

Personal Growth Grow and develop your personal beliefs with inner work that has meaning for you. As a couple, explore ways through marriage counseling where your relationship can deepen and broaden by the growth you share together. What’s your balance of personal and relational growth?

Fun and Recreation Are you the couple that has way too little, or way too much, fun? In session we can discuss what’s working and how you want to find more balance with recreation in your lives. Where are you on a scale of too little fun or too much fun?

Physical Environment What level of satisfaction do you get out of where you live? Do one of you put too little or too much time in to making where you live nice? Couples in the past have uncovered meaningful, worthwhile ways to add depth to their environment through being more aware of what the other wants, and talking through the adjustments.

Jim Bowen MA LPC has been assisting individuals and couples since 1992, with offices in Boulder and Denver. Contact Jim with email or call him at 303-534-8717. Why not call for a free consultation?