Intimacy Problems: an Unhealthy Pie of Life? Find Your Balance Through Individual or Marital Therapy.

One of my passions is to set the tone, or lay a foundation, so individuals and couples can grow optimally according to what works best FOR YOU! The following eight slices in the pie of life is just that, a foundation for you to get a sense how your life and your relationship can find… Read More »

Learn How Marriage Counseling, Sexual Intimacy, and Communication Can Lead To Healthy Marriage Through the Enneagram

Would you like to understand your personality, and your partners’? The Enneagram teaches you about your habits of feeling and thinking. Remember, laugh at your self as you learn, since EVERYONE HAS A PERSONALITY! Don’t take all this too seriously. Use the Enneagram as a tool so that you can ACCEPT your self and your… Read More »