Premarital Counseling: The Ten B’s: Ways to Increase Sexual Intimacy through Couples Counseling.

So many couples don’t discuss important aspects of marriage until AFTER they’re married. Will you have children?  Will both of you work, or just one of you? Where will you live?  Who will be in charge of which chores? How much personal time will you give each other?  How do you both see finances in… Read More »

Enhance Your Sexual intimacy Through Individual and Couples Counseling. Healthy Marriage Through Effective Communication

It is normal for clients to begin therapy with the goal of changing their partners. You may think “if only she would stop doing ____” or “if only he would start doing ____ then everything would be fine.” This dream never works. You are in control of only one person: yourself.  When you want to… Read More »

Healthy Marriage, Trust, and Couples Counseling: Build Intimacy Without Checking for Emails and Phone Calls.

Have you found yourself looking at your partner’s emails or phone call list?  It’s so normal to “just have to know”, so a quick check can’t hurt anything.  Or, can it?   Think about the last fight you had with your partner when they checked your emails, or calls made on your phone, without your permission.… Read More »

Couples Counseling and Weight Gain: How to Foster Better Sexual Intimacy

Have you or your partner gained weight, and noticed less desire, attraction, and sex in your relationship?  This is normal, and these feelings can affect self-esteem and relationship satisfaction.  You can learn how to “want to want” sex from the best of your self.  You don’t have to turn off your sex energy because of… Read More »