More Oxygen for Good Sexual Intimacy: Three IBP Breathing Tips

Have you ever wondered what makes for really good sexual intimacy?  The years of training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy taught me three basic tips for high quality sex: ground in the body, stay in contact, and increase your breathing or oxygen together. First, ground in the body.  What does this mean?   Learn in the office… Read More »

Divorce by Triathlon: Athletes in Marriage Counseling Balance Exercise and Marital Intimacy

How has exercise affected YOUR intimacy?  Are you or partner training at 4 or 5 a.m., six days a week at the expense of your intimate relationship, with too many races on weekends?  Find more balance through this article, which will give you growth choices around your identity, who you take your self to be,… Read More »

Marriage Problems: Fighting Fairly With Reflective Listening for Increased Emotional Intimacy

What are the skills needed to tolerate, digest, and move through feelings when you are fighting with your partner?  In this article you can learn how to not react to your partner by seeing your body as a container of well being.  Next, learn to see you partner as just doing what they do at… Read More »